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The change was substantial!

Professional Water Services
Written by Mr. P (Bristol, PA)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
Growing up with RainSoft purified water I never realized how good I had it until I moved into my own home with city water. The change in water quality was substantial. The chlorine level was so high that it was undrinkable and burned my eyes when taking a shower. After showering, my skin would feel dry, making me feel as though I needed to use use a moisturizer. My silverware and glassware would instantly have water spots if not dried right away. After having the experience with both RainSoft purified water and then city water, there was no question that I needed to buy a water treatment system. After some research, I decided to choose RainSoft. Once the system was installed, I noticed an immediate difference. There was no taste or smell of chlorine, no dry skin after showering and no spots on my glassware or silverware even if I let it air dry. The RainSoft water treatment system is a product which gives me confidence that my family is provided with great water.