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My wife and I made the right decision!

Professional Water Services
Written by Cyrus D (Annandale, NJ)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
I purchased my RainSoft water treatment system from your dealership in August of 2008. I want to write and let you know just how satisfied our family is with both the product and your customer service. As a consumer of a big ticket item, I needed to be convinced that my wife and I made the right decision. I am one of the most concerned about the health benefits of reverse osmosis treated water since our children have been diagnosed with Crohns and Celiac diseases. We wanted to be sure as parents that we were doing everything possible to improve the quality of our children's lives. Obviously, I am not a doctor, but as parents there are indeed benefits to this water treatment system such as the reduction of certain chemicals, offering safer water consumption for our family's digestive system. To further illustrate our gratitude to Professional Water Services, Inc., I was amazed by the professionalism and your service technician, Marc, who responded promptly to our service calls after installation, concerning the ice maker. Since we are so pleased with our new RainSoft water and air treatment system, you can be sure that this system will travel with us wherever we live. This raises another benefit I am grateful for, which is Professional Water Services, Inc. will move our system to our new home, allowing us to continue this professional relationship. I look forward to years of building on this trust and great support.