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We definitely made the right decision with RainSoft!

Professional Water Services
Written by Rose Ellen and Charles G (Freehold, NJ)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
I am extremely satisfied with my RainSoft water treatment system. We had decided to look into a system because we have well water. Our well water is very hard and creates brown stains on our plumbing fixtures. Our water was also eating away at our metal plumbing and fixtures. We had significant damage in our basement from Hurricane Irene and we had to install a new gas boiler and hot water heater. Before we spent the money to install everything, we wanted to make sure the water was treated. We were thinking about a water treatment system for a long time but never got around to it. Our RainSoft system has been installed for about a month. First of all, our skin is softer. What a difference! My hair feels cleaner, too. We know our fixtures are protected now which is important because we are getting ready to begin renovating all of our bathrooms, so our faucets will be safe from poor quality water. We definitely made the right decision in getting our RainSoft water treatment system. Thanks!