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Professional Water Services
Written by Andrew P (Tullytown, PA)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
Alarming and eye-opening; two words I would use to describe the quality of my house tap water. When your RainSoft sales rep showed up for a seemingly benign visit as a Home Depot water testing promotion, I was as skeptical as most people are. Ten minutes later I was gaping at the particulate mass forming in the beaker of tap water that Gary was running his test on. His presentation was extremely informative and easy to understand as he did not overwhelm us with technical jargon and speech. The answers to why and how the quality of tap water is the way it is and how businesses and product companies market towards it was downright conspiratorial. It is easy now to see how big name coffee brands made at home could never compare to in-store brews. It's the water. Our RainSoft systems has been installed for almost two months. I already see the difference and improvements in the water quality and operation of our appliances and hot water heater. Due to the age of our hot water heater and level of sediment in the tank, it is taking a bit longer than usual to notice the change. The cold water was immediate and we are using less soaps and detergents. Thank you.