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Thank you for the great equipment and service!

Professional Water Services
Written by Maryann L (Tullytown, PA)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
We have owned our RainSoft water and air treatment system for two months and have enjoyed it since day one. I cannot believe how much time it saves me in cleaning. After a good first scrubbing I only have to wipe things down. The dishes have no spots ever, and I only use the soap... no extra additives. Showers are a whole new experience. My first shower I kept rinsing because I felt so soft and then realized that the soap was off and my skin was that soft! My husband is a mechanic and his hands have been noticeably cleaner. I am a nurse, and after seeing the demonstration in my home I was appalled at how much junk was in my water. It is apparent to me now that the tap water in our home was the cause of some minor health problems. A rash I have had on the backs of my arms has started to go away. We have no children yet but I feel that our children will be healthier because they will have clean water to drink and bathe in. The air filtration system is great. I can actually smell a difference in the air when it is on. Our house is 90+ years old and in about an hour it sucked the "old house" smell out of our upstairs. It does not use a lot of electricity. The lifetime warranty is great because it is ours FOREVER. In these hard economic times that is important to me. And, it is made in the USA which is important to me. Thanks for your great equipment and service!