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American Home Design
Written by Dave J (Clarksville, TN)  
Tuesday, 02 December 2014
I would like to personally thank you for coming into my home and showing my family the RainSoft water system. It has truly been an amazing blessing to say the least. I could not believe how much chlorine was in my water not to mention all the other chemicals that we could not see. No wonder my water tasted so bad! Those are now the days of the past. When the installer came to my home, the experience was awesome. He showed me how the system worked and even shared his own RainSoft story. When the installer was finished he made sure that I didn't have any questions and left my home just as it was before he came to install my system. It's great to know that Environmental Water Systems provides excellent installers to make sure the job gets done right. From the moment the installer left, the benefits of the RainSoft system have been completely amazing. I am now able to drink the water out of my faucet without feeling like I am going to be sick. My clothes are softer than ever before with using less detergent, especially the Natural Visions laundry detergent which you left in my home to try. I have enjoyed sorter skin than ever before while leaving my skin feeling clean. I have noticed that I have to use less shampoo and body wash which is going save my family money over time. I know that I am going to enjoy this system for years to come and would like to thank you again for helping improve the health of my family by bringing a wonderful product into my home. Sincerely, Dave Jennings