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Metro Water Made My MS Worse

American Home Design
Written by Bob and Cathy S (Nashville, TN)  
Tuesday, 02 December 2014
After 30 years of living in the country with a fresh spring well, we decided to move into the city. It was a shock to our body systems to be exposed to the "treated" water that Metro supplies. Is smelled bad and you could actually smell the chlorine when you used the tap water. I have MS. With this autoimmune disorder there are many problems with how my body functions. The Metro water made me feel worse, causing my MS to flare up. I believe that it is responsible for my having additional flare-ups of my disease. I had been doing pretty well up until we moved into our new home in late July. But, I seemed to almost immediately start to feel bad and see my health deteriorate. It is important for me to have many natural foods and water that is as pure as I can get. We developed a lot of problems with our bodily functions (I won't go into detail, but you get the jest of it.) When we took showers you actually felt like you were "too dry," almost sticky. Yuck! After installation of the RainSoft system, we started feeling better and the issues we were experiencing disappeared. After a shower we felt like our skin was silky. Wow, what a difference! I didn't have to use a boat-load of detergent to do our dishes or our laundry anymore. The shampoo actually made my hair feel softer and I didn't have to use Frizz-Ease anymore due to my naturally curly hair. What a benefit! I can't tell you how much we DON'T regret spending the money for this system. Getting a year's worth of products was an added perk. We needed to make a decision whether it was more important for me or my husband to make sure we were not putting any more contaminants into our system or just pocket the money for something else. We aren't sorry we spent the money and neither will you should you choose to do so!