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To All of Those Still Buying Bottled Water:

American Home Design
Written by Robert B (Franklin, TN)  
Tuesday, 02 December 2014
This letter is written for the purpose of expressing my sincere appreciation for the quality and peace-of-mind I now have with a RainSoft whole house water treatment system installed in my home. Coming from the sales and service profession, I was particularly impressed with the professionalism exhibited by the representative, Michael. The total experience of viewing demonstrations along with thorough explanations of the attributes of this amazing system was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational event. By employing a sincere consultative approach, I was afforded the respect and consideration to make my own buying decision versus "being sold," as is often the case when in-home opportunities are presented. In the two months I've had the system in place, I no longer experience the first whiff of chlorine that has been characteristic of daily usage without the system. Washing, showering and drinking the water, free of impurities and unnecessary chemicals, has been absolutely wonderful. This experience is as close to having Lake Tahoe (my childhood home) right here in Tennessee to enjoy and share with others. I cannot close without mentioning how timely and efficient the installation and follow-through were. This is not only a testament to RainSoft, but to Environmental Water Systems, Inc. of Madison, TN. I can see why RainSoft has evolved in 60 years to become an International leader in providing water treatment systems to the masses. If you're still buying bottled water as I was for far too long, call your local RainSoft dealer and do you and your family a real favor- own you own system! Thank you and Michael and RainSoft!