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A Quick Note of Thanks

American Home Design
Written by Mark G (Franklin, TN)  
Tuesday, 09 December 2014
Just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for everything you and Environmental Water Systems has done for us in our new home. We are thoroughly enjoying the water purification system and the many benefits it brings to our family. Not only can we feel and taste the difference in the water but we have noticed a decrease in the amount of soap and detergent being used as well. It's also made cleaning much easier as we no longer struggle to get water spots off the shower doors and the cars and boat doesn't need to be wiped off after washing. The added benefit of great tasting coffee in the morning from the reverse osmosis system is appreciated as well. We have just ordered our first supply of the organic cleaners, soaps, detergents and are looking forward to using them. The samples you left behind are fantastic and it is comforting to know they do not contain harsh chemicals that can be caustic to both materials and your skin. The Healthy Living package is an incredible value added to the RainSoft system. Lastly, I want to make sure you know what an incredible job the installers did putting in the system. They showed up on time and worked very hard to make sure everything fit and worked as expected. They were very professional and asked questions as well as provided some options for the location of the equipment so it didn't interfere with anything. They even solved my water hammer issue with the washing machine by installing a water pressure reducer which made everything quiet again! Thanks again for the visit to our house and the time you spent educating everyone on our water and how it can affect us. The kids had a great time with you involving them in the testing process and said it was like being in a science lab at school. They had no idea it could be that much fun to test water! Thanks again for helping to improve not only the quality of our water but also the quality of our lives!