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We have noticed a Huge Difference

American Home Design
Written by Joe E (Westmoreland, TN)  
Wednesday, 10 December 2014
We have thoroughly enjoyed the RainSoft water treatment system so far. We have noticed a huge difference with our SodaStream especially. It simply tastes better and we don't have to use as much of the flavor syrup. The first one I made with the new water, I used the usual recommended amount and it was so strong. We now use around 75% or less, so we are spending less money on that as well as the cleaning supplies. We love the way the water feels on our skin and the way the moisture stays with us even after drying off. All three of us have felt the difference. Personally, my eczema isn't near as bad, so it is certainly helping. As for dish washing and clothes washing, the biggest thing we have noticed is how much less soap we are using on those items and how they are coming out cleaner than before. The RainSoft system has lived up to the big claims that were made during the presentation. We are very happy we have made this decision, and know it will lead to healthier lives.