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Pelican Didn't Live Up to its Promises

American Home Design
Written by Scott C (LaVergne, TN)  
Wednesday, 10 December 2014
About 3.5 years ago we made a decision to do something about our hard water. Being someone who likes to keep maintenance and upkeep to a minimum, we decided to purchase a Pelican Water "salt-free water softener." I put that in quotes because they use that term to describe their product, but if you read the details, they acknowledge that it does not remove the hardness from the water. Their claim is that it changes the molecular structure of the dissolved solids so that they do not form the white scale buildup. We noticed practically no difference after installing the Pelican system. We still saw the same scale buildup as before in our sinks and showers and had to continue using softening agents in our dishwasher. In my opinion, the Pelican system simply does not live up to its promises. We put up with that system for over 3 years but eventually knew we had to make a change. After reviewing multiple options, we settled on a RainSoft water softener. The very first night after the installation, we noticed a difference in our water. After the very first shower, we knew here was a significant difference. Our water now has that slick feeling that soft water is supposed to have. We are excited to have made this change and look forward to many years of truly soft water.