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American Home Design
Written by Lori A (Shelbyville, TN)  
Friday, 12 December 2014
My RainSoft from Environmental Water Systems was installed the latter part of last month. I immediately noticed the pleasant flavor of the drinking water. Window washing seems to take less time to achieve desired results. The shower tile walls and glass doors are staying clean and unspotted without excessive care. The shower head and faucets are no longer crusted and stained! Bathroom and kitchen fixtures are so easy to keep clean now! Dishes from the dishwasher are cleaner and unspotted. We can even get water from the refrigerator door without leaving residual water stains around the water dispenser! I so appreciate the "green" products! I trust the water heater, dishwasher, refrigerator ice-maker and water dispenser, other pipes, etc will stay cleaner, work better and longer with this environmentally friendly system. I love washing my hair without using extra conditioners and my skin feels softer without the dryness I used to experience. I have wanted a full house water system every since I learned they were available. I am so grateful that I now finally own one! Thank you so very much!