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We Had No Idea the Difference It Would Make

American Home Design
Written by Steve and Kristi J (Antioch, TN)  
Monday, 15 December 2014
This is the first water softener/purifier that we have ever had. We had no idea of the difference it would make. I was skeptical at first as most people are. I thought it was a little pricey at first; however, with the discounts and soap package, it pays to get the RainSoft water filtration system. Every time I shower, I think about what a good investment the system has been. My skin feels like I have just rubbed down with baby oil. My son's eczema has improved and my wife's eczema is completely gone. Her hands in the past have had a problem with cracking and being very dry. Now her hands are much softer and no cracking. Our dishes are much cleaner now that the system has been installed. We have a front load washer that mildews. We have talked with other people using front load washers and they commonly have a bad odor and mildew as well. Since we have had the RainSoft system, we have not noticed any odor or mildew. Now that we have a RainSoft filtration system, I cannot imagine going through life without it. We love it, and we will purchase another one if we ever move to another house.