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Not Surprised at All by the Water Quality

American Home Design
Written by Dawn W (Kingston Springs, TN)  
Tuesday, 16 December 2014
I was not surprised at all by what you revealed during the water demonstration. However, I was still disgusted by the junk which is in our water. I never drink tap water (now I know why), but I had never thought about cooking with it or even bathing in it. As a healthcare provider I can totally see the benefits of using RainSoft. The water actually tastes good. For the first time since I was a kid, I am now drinking water from the tap. My food tastes much better and cleaner since switching. The dishes no longer have any water spots. My skin is much softer and much moister. I find myself using less and less lotion. My clothes are much cleaner, softer and fluffier than ever before. Cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen is also much easier. There is no scrubbing required any longer. I have 2 dogs that both have skin allergies. Since installing the RainSoft system they have even quit itching and scratching which is amazing in itself. Thank you again for introducing me to this wonderful water system. I am loving it! The technician was great and very professional.