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Darryl and I are so happy with our Rainsoft water treatment system!

American Home Design
Written by Darruyl & Dana B (Burns, TN)  
Thursday, 24 September 2015
Steve, Darryl and I are so happy with our RainSoft water treatment system! We, like most of your customers, had you over as a favor for a family member and our full intention was to listen to your presentation and politely say no. However, you did a great job with the presentation/demonstration, and we were hooked. Our system was installed 8 days ago, and not once have we regretted our decision. We no longer drink bottled water in this house, our faucet water taste better than the best bottled water you can buy! Our dog seems to visit the water bowl more frequently too. We've noticed, as you said we would, that our skin and hair seem softer after bathing/showering with the water. We have also been very happy with all the products we've used that came with our Rainsoft water treatment system. So far there has been not one negative thing I can say about our experience, from your informing/non-pressuring presentation, to the nice/efficient technician that installed our system, to the awesome water we have at our house now. Thank you, Darryl and Dana Baker