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The only regret I have is not purchasing one sooner!

American Home Design
Written by Terry & Senita B (Dickson, TN)  
Thursday, 24 September 2015
Mr. Keating, I have to say everything you said about the RainSoft Water Treatment System in your presentation is absolutely true. My wife and I have only been using the system for 11 days now and the results are amazing. The dishes are cleaner even though we are using half the amount of detergent, the tea taste fresher and better with only half the sugar and the showers leave you feeling so clean and refreshed. We also love the Natural Visions products and plan to use them from now on. Like many others we were skeptical and actually only agreed to watch your presentation as a favor for my mother- in-law. But the immediate results sold this system itself. We also appreciate the relaxed presentation with no pressure. If I remember correctly, we said we’ll take it before you ever asked us if we wanted to purchase the system, it was that impressive. The only regret I have is not purchasing one sooner. Thanks again for this awesome system. Sincerely, Terry and Senita Baker