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RainSoft has given us a sense of security that we didn't have with tap water.

American Home Design
Written by Jack & Wanda C (Hendersonville, TN)  
Thursday, 24 September 2015
??RainSoft has given us a sense of security that we didn't have with tap water. The advantages that it offers to our health are enormous! Though there are no guarantees, we choose to be pro-active where we can, and that's what we're doing with RainSoft. There are other advantages, though. We love the savings that it offers over the long term. Who would have thought that we could wash a load of clothes or a dishwasher full of dirty dishes with a Y2 tablespoon of detergent? And, we never thought that we'd be satisfied with our hair without the use of conditioner. We can with RainSoft. Too, we had dealt with some drainage problems in our bathroom sink, but since installing the RainSoft system, that is no longer an issue. The system is still new to us, but we are expecting that even more perks will become apparent over time. Rusty White was extremely informative as he demonstrated the system, yet we felt no sense of pressure to buy. That gave us confidence. He knew that he had something of value to offer, so pressure was unnecessary. We appreciate that type of salesmanship. We have been recommending RainSoft to our friends, and we will continue to do so. RainSoft fams, Jack & Wanda Carver