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This is our (my wife's and mine) testimonial letter for the RainSoft product.

American Home Design
Written by Dave & Deanna C (Columbia, TN)  
Thursday, 24 September 2015
I will admit that I was very skeptical when your representative came to our house to test our water and show us what we were dealing with exactly. I just purchased a new Samsung refrigerator and it has a filter (brand new) for the door water dispenser and ice maker. What we seen in the tests made us sick to our stomachs. I could not believe our water was that bad. We have been bathing in it, drinking it, and using it in our food daily with no idea what we had. We have been using the RainSoft product now for right about two weeks. At first, it was hard to get used to showering with it because it felt like the soap and shampoo was not coming off quickly. In the next few days, we started noticing that our skin, which used to be really dry was starting to become smooth again. My elbows were always white and flaky, but not anymore. My wife doesn't complained about the chlorine taste in the water now either. Shaving doesn't irritate my face as much now. We get more lather with less soap than before which means less shampoo, body wash, soap, laundry/dishwashing detergent. Our two year old son used to have really dry skin on his back and required lotion all the time. Now, with RainSoft, his skin is smooth - no lotion required. It makes a big difference in our cooking as well. Now, boiling potatoes and shells 'n cheese don't leave that weird dry paper thing at the top of the pot. Sweet tea and kool-aid taste much better too. I cannot imagine going back to regular tap water again. I don't like washing my hands in public restrooms anymore either. The water just doesn't come close to what we have now. Thank you so much RainSoft for such a great product. I wish we knew about this much sooner. We are hooked for life. Dave and Deanna Cooper Columbia, TN