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Great Experience - glad I responded to the mailer!

Southern Energy, Water & Air, LLC
Written by Johnney J (Dandridge, TN)  
Wednesday, 02 January 2019
Representative that tested my water was very friendly and professional. Turned out my water had e-coli and others living in it. He explained that an ultra-violet (UV) purifier would solve that issue, none of their other systems was recommended or pushed. The installer was also very friendly and professional. He was very accommodating to my requests to make the UV system maintainable by me so I would not need professional help to keep it going over the years. He was very knowledgeable with 30 years experience in water systems. The UV system itself is very neat and clean and spare parts are readily available. The controller is well designed and displays the remaining life on the UV lamp. It also has an alarm warning of unsafe drinking water if the unit malfunctions. I also received a follow up phone call to check on my satisfaction with the overall service. The promised Amazon gift card arrived two weeks later. Very satisfied and glad that I responded to the mailer to have my water tested. Now I don't have to buy bottled water.