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American Home Design
Written by Liz Schrader  
Wednesday, 28 October 2009



Dear Rainsoft Folks:


Okay, I'm a skeptic. I don't spend my money unless I'm absolutely convinced a product is worth it. So I'm thinking, "Go ahead, impress me."  Guess what?  I'm impressed!  This system has so many more benefits than I ever would have imagined.  And after I asked umpteen questions, the final clinchers in my decision were the lifetime guarantee, and that I can take it with me if I move, about as easy as moving a washing machine.

            The main reason I even thought about a water purification system was for my skin. I developed some nasty eczema about a year after moving to the Nashville area, and I've suffered with it now for about 7 years. After only a few weeks with pure water, it started to show signs of clearing up. I suspect the clearing is going to continue and, with a little luck, it'll go away almost completely. I figure it took it a year to develop, so it's not gonna go away over night. I used to joke that it must be something in the water. Turns out that's no joke!      

            Drinking Water: My next thought was that my water would taste better. And, you bet it does!  But add to that: (a) great mouth-feel (it's a wine thing), (b) much more refreshing, (c) feels much more hydrating. I can't say for sure, but it feels to me like my body actually metabolizes this water so much better. I've also lost a few pounds in just the first month. Several doctors have told me that part of my weight issues were from water weight. So, how come I’m not holding water so much any more, when I'm drinking more water because it tastes and feels so good? Without all those nasty chemicals, this water actually feels like it's cleaning the inside of my body (like water is supposed to). For real! Oh, and my alka-seltzer actually fizzes now. But, funny, it seems like I don't need it much any more.

            Allergies: I’m allergic to fragrances and standard soaps, so residue in my laundry and on my skin used to be a real problem. I’m also mildly allergic to chlorine. The chlorine levels in the tap water here are really high (I used to test it), especially in the summer. I had to filter each of my faucets and showers individually, and they still only got a little of it. Now, NO problem!!

Cooking: Everything does taste, smell, and look better.  Washed fruits and vegetables taste cleaner, cooked vegetables look brighter and taste better, delicately seasoned sauces are tastier and more fragrant, and my iced tea never tasted so good (not to mention awesome coffee)!  My tap water not only tasted bad but it smelled a little stinky. Who wants to cook with that? This water doesn't have a smell, except maybe like a faint trace of rain-washed air.

            Dishes:  Dishes come out squeaky clean and shiny, with no spots and no scratching (noticed it on a few new ones--old ones were already scratched).  The big thing is that there are no residues from soap or drying-agents. I sure didn't want to taste or ingest that residue, so I used to re-rinse all my dishes with Pur-filtered water before I'd use them. Don't need to now! I also have a stainless steel dishwasher, and the installer said that we had such hard water here that I should add citric acid powder every time to prevent corrosion. Otherwise, the little holes in the sprayer would become clogged in no time.  They won't now, and no more citric acid!

            Bathing: Showers and baths used to make me itch. Now, they're pure joy! This water just plain feels great, actually silky.  On top of that, it leaves me with softer, moister, cleaner skin, more even skin tone, healthier hair, shinier, fewer split ends, less static, etc. Now I can't wait for a long, hot soak in the tub.

            Laundry:  Rinses thoroughly/no residue, softer, less static, brighter, got some stains out that I couldn't even get with stain treatment. My first wash load with the new water felt and looked so good that I chose to re-rinse all my stuff (yes, ALL of it… big job but WELL worth it). I just couldn't stand that yucky residue on my skin any more. And you wouldn't believe all the suds I saw in my washing machine, coming out of supposedly "clean" clothes!

            Plumbing:  I have an older house with iron/lead composite plumbing. When I found out that this system removes lead, it was a major plus! Then they showed me how it actually helps dissolve hard-water corrosion in old pipes. Yessss! I also noticed that it keeps my toilets, sinks and tubs cleaner and brighter--no hard-water deposits, and they don't get that just-plain-dingy look. Chrome looks great too, and this water even removed some of the old stains from the old water. I have a feeling it'll help my septic system too, since there's no longer a steady stream of strong chlorine and chemicals killing off the beneficial bacteria. And, it'll probably start to break down any corrosion in that system, too.

            Dogs:  Okay… even my dogs like the water better. Yes, my old tap water was so bad that even my dogs didn't like it (and they'll drink out of mud puddles and toilets). They love the new stuff. I can't wait to bathe them in it!  Bet they'll be super-soft.

            Thanks, Rain Soft! I am in love with this system! It didn't take long to make me a total convert. I guess if I'm now a devotee of your system, that makes me a Rain Sof-tee :-)  And thank you to Amanda for the water tests and presentation. After only about five minutes, I could tell that she wasn't just a "salesman" but that she really, truly loved and believed in this system. Now I see why! As for this letter, all that was asked of me was to write down a few things I liked about the system. Well, I just kept noticing great things, so I wrote 'em all down! I don’t get paid for this 2-page epistle, and I rarely praise a product unless I’m really impressed. That’s just how much I love this system!


Thanks Again,




Liz Schrader


We just wanted to thank you for our new RainSoft water system.

American Home Design
Written by Heather and Craig (Tennessee)  
Thursday, 11 December 2008
     We just wanted to thank you for our new RainSoft water system. We love it! The bathtubs and toilets have stayed clean for long amounts of time. We just love not having to clean and scrub as often. When we do clean, we hardly have to scrub at all. We also like the taste of our water better. It is great for drinking and cooking. Another bonus is our skin. We have not had to use as much lotion because our skin is not as dry with the soft water. Finally this system should be better for our pipes and plumbing in the house. We hope to see this added benefit in the future when we are not replacing things in the house. Thank you so much for our new system!
Heather and Craig

It was your demonstration that helped us to see that we need to do something about our water.

American Home Design
Written by Ben and Amy  
Monday, 01 December 2008
     Ben and I wanted to write to let you know how pleased we are with our RainSoft System. We never really knew we had a problem with our water. There were little things that I wonder about such as why I never got any suds when I washed dishes and why it took so much soap to wash our clothes. Now we know the cause of these things. It was your demonstration that helped us to see that we need to do something about our water.
     We noticed a difference the very day after our system was installed. Ben noticed a difference in the way his skin felt and my hair was definitely cleaner after washing with our RainSoft purified water. Not only that but our water does tastes so much better and I notice the difference in our dishes as well.
     We recommend the system to anyone who is concerned about their water. It has definitely been something that we are glad we decided to purchase.
     You were an excellent salesperson. You were very professional and answered all of our questions. We want to thank you for all you did.
Ben and Amy

Our water quality transition has been truly exceptional.

American Home Design
Written by Bobby and Charlotte  
Friday, 12 September 2008
     Our water quality transition has been truly exceptional. The taste of the water is better and the taste of the food cooked in the water has an improved flavor, especially the coffee.
     Our daughter is ecstatic over the difference in the quality of the water that comes out of the shower now. She, as well as we, are amazed at the softness of the water and the silky feeling it now has. I have also noticed that now I use less shower gel, and the suds do not diminish as they did before we got the RainSoft water treatment. We have also noticed how fluffy our laundry is now.
     So far, our family is totally satisfied and very well pleased with the RainSoft Water Treatment System, and we do highly recommend this system to anyone that wants their quality of life improved and enhanced.
Bobby and Charlotte

We are very happy that we decided to invest in a RainSoft system.

American Home Design
Written by Bryan and Jeanne  
Wednesday, 10 September 2008
     We are very happy that we decided to invest in a RainSoft system. Our satisfaction began with your friendly sales call. You were right on time for our appointment and answered all our questions thoroughly. The installation by Doug from EWS Inc. was performed in the evening at our request and convenience. He accomplished in quickly and professionally.
     So far the RainSoft system has delivered on its promise and we are pleased with the results. The fact that we now have pure great tasting water flowing to our ice cube/water dispenser in the refrigerator is worth the price of admission. Sodas and juice are no longer spoiled by the smell and taste of “bad ice.”
     We were a little skeptical about using the RainSoft brand cleaning products instead of the national brands to which we were accustomed. Now that we have had the chance to use them we really like them. We are using only a fraction of the amount of all of the different soap products than we used previously and our children love the extra bubbles when they take a bath. The water in the shower leaves our skin and hair noticeably softer and smoother. Even in these dry winter months our skin feels less itchy. Our daughter was born two weeks after we had the system installed and we are thankful we decided to purchase the system when we did. It gives us peace of mind that the water is cleaner now. Our dishes come out of the dishwasher with no spots. The bathroom and kitchen look cleaner for longer without those hard water deposits.
     Finally we are glad that installation was not only easy but that the system is portable. We move often with the military and it would be hard at this point to go back to unfiltered water. Thanks for hooking us up with a good product and enclosed are the four friends we believe would benefit from your demonstration.
Bryan and Jeanne

We know first-hand of the many benefits of RainSoft conditioned water and how it pays for itself.

American Home Design
Written by Chris  
Wednesday, 27 August 2008
     Wendy and I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with our new RainSoft water system. We believe this is one of the best investments we have ever made. The water tests that you conducted on our tap water compared to RainSoft treated water were a real “eye-opener.” Wendy and I have always been big water drinkers. It’s practically all we ever drink. We are so thankful to have seen what we have been drinking compared to the purified water we are now getting with our RainSoft system. We no longer have to purchase any expensive bottled water which is saving us money and our RainSoft water tastes so good!
     Wendy tells me that the house keeping is easier for her especially in the bathrooms. She doesn’t have to spend much time scrubbing as there is no soap scum and therefore no bathtub ring. We truly love all of the RainSoft soap products. They do a terrific job and it takes such a small amount to do all of the cleaning. I have to tell you that I had my doubts as to whether Wendy would use the RainSoft shampoo consistently. You know how some women are; they buy a different shampoo every month and it’s always the most expensive they can find. Well, because of the RainSoft conditioned water, she has never been happier. Her hair, actually our hair, is softer, shinier and more manageable. Also, our skin is softer and so are our clothes. We do not even use fabric softeners anymore for our clothes which is saving us money. As a matter of fact, our Wal-mart bill is about twenty dollars cheaper each week that it was before our purchases of the RainSoft system as we no longer buy any soap/cleaning products.
     As you know, we have recommended the RainSoft system to many of our friends. Wendy and I feel that they would be crazy not to take a serious look at it. We know first-hand of the many benefits of RainSoft conditioned water and how it pays for itself. That why we recommend it to anyone who uses just plain tap water. Everyone should have their water tested and then take advantage of the RainSoft water treatment system.

RainSoft is our answer to polluted and chemically treated water.

American Home Design
Written by The Gallaghers  
Friday, 22 August 2008
     Over a year ago, our family located to Lebanon, Tennessee. Within six months, we began having gastrointestinal difficulties. After numerous tests and doctors visits, we discovered that ingested bacteria caused our problems. Our conclusion, humorous at first, was that it must be the water. Letters from the water company revealed that the water was not up to par. Immediately we began to purchase bottled water. We were cautious about even using ice from our freezer and always feared that merely brushing out teeth might bring on the sickness. We knew we needed “to do something,” but what?
     We were introduced to RainSoft and educated on the pollutants in our water and the chemicals used to “clean” our drinking water. At that point, the only decision we needed to make was when to install the system. Though the system seemed like a pricey initial investment, we knew that in the long run we would recuperate the cost by reducing doctor bills, reducing cleaning supplies, and by overall improvement in quality of living. We have not been disappointed.
     We highly recommend RainSoft and have encouraged all our family and friends to look into this water purification system. Now, we are all drinking more water because the water taste better and we do not fear drinking it. Dad has had problems with eczema for years and has seen his skin clear up within a week; also, his fingers are no longer splitting at his nails. We are using 1/10 of our normal cleaning supplies including dishwasher detergent, washing machine detergent, shampoo, soap, and bathroom cleaners. Our teenagers notice a difference in their cleaner and shinier complexions and smell fresher. The glasses sparkle. There is no longer a slight chlorine smell after cleaning; everything in the house smells clean. And when momma is happy then everyone is happy. Even guests in our home who had visited before we installed RainSoft notice the difference.
     RainSoft is our answer to polluted and chemically treated water. In this day and age when we are so conscious about healthiness and noting what goes in our mouths, it is comforting to know that the water we drink, bathe in, and clean with is pure. And for that reason alone, we would purchase RainSoft all over again. If we were wealthy, RainSoft is the gift we would give all of our extended families.
Grateful to RainSoft,
The Gallaghers
Lebanon, TN

We just cant find enough words to say how wonderful the RainSoft water system is.

American Home Design
Written by Brian, Penny, Vaughn, and family  
Wednesday, 20 August 2008
   At first, we were in doubt about if the RainSoft water system would be worth the amount of money we were spending.  We have to say that after using the Rainsoft water system, we now know that it is well worth the money.  This is one of the best investments that we have made. Everything that we cook with our new water tastes so much better. We just cant find enough words to say how wonderful the RainSoft water system is. My 5 year old, BJ, has a skin problem, his skin is so dry that it forms a pimple to let the oil escape. Since we have had the RainSoft system installed we have not had to use his prescription lotion.  His skin looks so much better and he always talks about how good his bath water feel. Brian loves the RainSoft system and has loved it since the night we purchased it.
Brian, Penny, Vaughn, and family
Orlinda, TN

Any doubt ... as to how well the RainSoft System would really perform was completely swept away...

American Home Design
Written by Amber and Justin  
Thursday, 14 August 2008
    Wow! Any doubt we might have had as to how well the RainSoft System would really perform was completely swept away within the first few days of its installation in our new home. The difference in quality with the treated water was instantly revealed in our cleaner laundry, dished, drinking water and softer skin. Not to mention how refreshing it was to finally get ice cubes from the ice maker that no longer smelled like chlorine.
    We were amazed at how much laundry we cold do with only a fraction of the soap we were accustomed to using. And, finding our clothes feeling softer without having to add fabric softener or dryer sheets to each load, was wonderful. We know this alone with help us save a great deal of money, as laundry soap products are so expensive these days.
    We also need to mention how much better our new washer appears to be performing. Like you mentioned in your presentation, our machines can only perform as well as the water we use to run through them. For the first time, we feel like we're getting the most out of our washer.
    It's also been nice to pull the dishes of the dishwasher without having to polish off any hard water spots. My stainless steel pots and pans look brand new without the extra polishing work. Even the hard water spots on my kitchen and bathroom faucets have disappeared.
    And, perhaps the greatest benefit of all is the peace of mind in knowing that when we take a glass of drinking water from the tap we don't have to worry about what harmful chemicals maybe lurking undetected within it. The water tastes great, which makes the food we prepare with it even better, and we've noticed the flavors in our teas and coffee to be even richer.
    We are thoroughly pleased with our new system and would recommend it to anyone. The benefits to our health and daily way of life are real, which makes RainSoft worth every penny.
Amber and Justin

My husband and I love our new RainSoft water system.

American Home Design
Written by The Boudreau Family   
Friday, 25 July 2008
My husband and I love our new RainSoft water system. We began to see the benefits within the first few days of the system being installed. The most noticeable change is the quality of the water. We are drinking a lot more water and it has helped to improve the taste of our food. Even our dog has noticed the difference. He will not drink anything but RainSoft water.
I have noticed the change in my skin as well. I have severely dry skin and often have to apply lotion throughout the day. Now after I shower i do not need as much lotion and often one application last the whole day.
We have also noticed the change in our pockets. We have already saved $100 in just this month alone. We no longer need to buy cleaning supplies as we have barley even scraped the surface of the 4-year supply given to us. You weren't kidding when you said a little goes a long way.
Overall we are thrilled with our RainSoft water system. I am not sure how we have managed so long without one. But one this us for sure....we will never use anything else!
Thanks a million RainSoft!
The Boudreau Family
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