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Best part of all: MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!!

Professional Water Services
Written by The Eglekamp F (Cheltenham, PA)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
We would like to thank you for our recent installation of the RainSoft water treatment system. Its name is perfect, because the feel and smell of our water gives us that fresh, after-rain feeling while showering, doing the dishes, and even our laundry. One of our favorite benefits is the clean and CLEAR glasses we now have, without the use of rinse agents. Our glasses have no water marks or smudges, even if I pack the dishwasher full of dishes. The smell and feel of our laundry has improved and we don't use fabric softener anymore. The clothes are softer and smell fresher without that added expense. We have also noticed that our son's curly hair has less knots and tangles when we comb it, we all feel cleaner and our skin is much smoother without any lotions after we shower. Our shower times have been cut in half which saves us on our monthly water bill, and we no longer need to add conditioner or face soaps. We could go on and on about our new RainSoft water treatment system. It is just great and we will love this for years to come. And the best part... MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!

We are very happy with our decision in choosing RainSoft.

Professional Water Services
Written by Gabriella D (Robbinsville, NJ)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
We would like to thank you for your excellent service and product. After just one month of using the RainSoft water treatment system in our home, we have noticed some remarkable differences in our water. Drinking a glass of water from the tap is not only amazing, but refreshing. I've also seen a change in our laundry; our whites are whiter and can be left wet in the machine for hours without creating any smell whatsoever. We have become water snobs over the past couple of weeks! When we order a glass of water at a restaurant, it is usually terrible and undrinkable. We are very happy with our decision in choosing RainSoft. We feel we have easily changed our lifestyles to healthier ones.

We definitely made the right decision with RainSoft!

Professional Water Services
Written by Rose Ellen and Charles G (Freehold, NJ)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
I am extremely satisfied with my RainSoft water treatment system. We had decided to look into a system because we have well water. Our well water is very hard and creates brown stains on our plumbing fixtures. Our water was also eating away at our metal plumbing and fixtures. We had significant damage in our basement from Hurricane Irene and we had to install a new gas boiler and hot water heater. Before we spent the money to install everything, we wanted to make sure the water was treated. We were thinking about a water treatment system for a long time but never got around to it. Our RainSoft system has been installed for about a month. First of all, our skin is softer. What a difference! My hair feels cleaner, too. We know our fixtures are protected now which is important because we are getting ready to begin renovating all of our bathrooms, so our faucets will be safe from poor quality water. We definitely made the right decision in getting our RainSoft water treatment system. Thanks!

Our children say they feel so clean now!

Professional Water Services
Written by Lauren & Greg M (Bristol, PA)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate our new RainSoft water treatment system. Having young children, we had been concerned about environmental issues for a while, particularly with our water. When your representative, Tad, came to the house to do our water testing, he was extremely informative and we were blown away by the results of the test and the taste of the filtered water! Tad explained the differences between our tap water and what the RainSoft system would do and how many other water treatment filters only improve the taste, and not necessarily take out the impurities in the water we were drinking. We have also noticed a positive change in our skin... improvements in blemishes and increased moisture. Our children say they feel so clean now!! Your soap products are very effective. We are only using the small amounts suggested and are getting great results with cleanliness and saving money. The installer who came to our home was excellent, courteous, and took the time to explain everything to my husband. We have been pleased with each step of the process. Thank you.

My wife and I made the right decision!

Professional Water Services
Written by Cyrus D (Annandale, NJ)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
I purchased my RainSoft water treatment system from your dealership in August of 2008. I want to write and let you know just how satisfied our family is with both the product and your customer service. As a consumer of a big ticket item, I needed to be convinced that my wife and I made the right decision. I am one of the most concerned about the health benefits of reverse osmosis treated water since our children have been diagnosed with Crohns and Celiac diseases. We wanted to be sure as parents that we were doing everything possible to improve the quality of our children's lives. Obviously, I am not a doctor, but as parents there are indeed benefits to this water treatment system such as the reduction of certain chemicals, offering safer water consumption for our family's digestive system. To further illustrate our gratitude to Professional Water Services, Inc., I was amazed by the professionalism and your service technician, Marc, who responded promptly to our service calls after installation, concerning the ice maker. Since we are so pleased with our new RainSoft water and air treatment system, you can be sure that this system will travel with us wherever we live. This raises another benefit I am grateful for, which is Professional Water Services, Inc. will move our system to our new home, allowing us to continue this professional relationship. I look forward to years of building on this trust and great support.

The change was substantial!

Professional Water Services
Written by Mr. P (Bristol, PA)  
Monday, 28 January 2013
Growing up with RainSoft purified water I never realized how good I had it until I moved into my own home with city water. The change in water quality was substantial. The chlorine level was so high that it was undrinkable and burned my eyes when taking a shower. After showering, my skin would feel dry, making me feel as though I needed to use use a moisturizer. My silverware and glassware would instantly have water spots if not dried right away. After having the experience with both RainSoft purified water and then city water, there was no question that I needed to buy a water treatment system. After some research, I decided to choose RainSoft. Once the system was installed, I noticed an immediate difference. There was no taste or smell of chlorine, no dry skin after showering and no spots on my glassware or silverware even if I let it air dry. The RainSoft water treatment system is a product which gives me confidence that my family is provided with great water.

We LOVE our RainSoft!

Clean Water Specialists
Written by Logan G (West Richland, WA)  
Monday, 29 October 2012
The first investment we made in our new home was installing a RainSoft water treatment system and reverse osmosis system. Best investment ever! Our dry skin problems have gone away. The kids actually drink water instead of juice and pop. And the wife loves how easy it is to clean the showers and toilets. Wish we could have done this in our old home. We definitely didn't know what we were missing until we had it.

We have been customers since 2004...

Great Lakes Water Treatment
Written by Elaine W (Wadsworth, OH)  
Wednesday, 26 September 2012
We have been a customer since 2004. I called for an order of laundry soap... Anna Moore answered the phone and within a short period of time she made me an offer to deliver the soap to me in my area. I am 70 and was in an accident and this was wonderful to not have to drive to Cleveland. I have lived a long time and service like this is very rare. So I wanted to let you know, you have wonderful staff working for you. Thank you very much, Elaine Walker

Outstanding Service Tech

EnviroTech International, Inc.
Written by Donn G (The Colony, TX)  
Thursday, 19 July 2012
Mrs. Skinner, I’ve been told that you are the person to contact with regard to any kudos that might be offered up about Envirotech/RainSoft technicians. This isn’t something I typically do so bear with me if I begin to ramble pointlessly. We’ve owned a RainSoft water softener, purchased from Envirotech, since May of 2002 and in that time we’ve seen three or four different service technicians. While none of them have ever been rude or discourteous, the difference between how the other technicians handle their business and me as a customer, and how Derek handles it all is quite obvious. Derek is noticeably skilled, knowledgeable about his job, the equipment and how to perform his tasks with great efficiency. Watching him move from one task to the next, never having to stop and think about what needs to be done next, makes for shorter and highly efficient service calls. In short, he knows what he’s doing, and it’s very apparent. His ability to do his job, answer any and all questions while sharing in “small talk” without ever breaking stride in servicing the equipment makes for a smooth and personable transaction with the customer. Your technicians are somewhat the face of your organization because they deal directly with the customers and having Derek as one of your representatives can be nothing but a positive for your business. It’s night and day, the difference between how he carries himself and how the other techs handle the job. His easy-going nature in dealing with the customer and skill level at performing his job puts the customer at ease because we know when he speaks we’re being told the truth and when he works it will be a job well done. I won’t even go into detail about his willingness to “go the extra mile” to make sure that the job is done right and the customer is happy on all accounts. Suffice to say, I can find little fault in how he operates and represents your company. He’s a top-notch representative, a terrific technician and most importantly… a good person. I’m pretty sure you’re aware of how good a tech he is but I felt compelled to add my name to the list of folks that are extremely satisfied with his service. In this day and age, customer service on this level should not go overlooked. Kindest Regards, Donn Golden-

Conroe, TX

Quality Water Systems
Written by Sean & Diana H (Conroe, TX)  
Sunday, 10 June 2012
My hair is softer, skin is smoother and there are no hard water spots around my faucets or tubs. The multi-purpose cleaner is the only cleaner that removes tough stains from my carpet. I have tried all other top brands, I have white carpet. I feel I am protecting my family from environmental pollutants and that makes me feel good.
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