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I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the RainSoft water purification system...

American Home Design
Written by Michael  
Tuesday, 22 July 2008
I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the RainSoft water purification system I purchased from your firm in may of this year. After using the system for over 60 days, I can honestly say that the system is worth every penny I spent for it. I have noticed that I can attribute to having soft water. 
Among them are these:
  • The bright work in the two bathroom tubs and showers stays clean... in fact, it started to "clean itself" the first week using the treated water.
  • Taking a shower is a treat, now... I am using the soap provided as part of the promotional package, and I must say, I really like it. A little bit makes suds forever.
  • No bath tub rings! No "schmutz" around the kitchen or bathroom water faucets.
  • My Fiancee's eczema has disappeared, as has mine. Our skin is soft and clear.
  • Look Ma! No dandruff! The dry scalp and beard problems have all but vanished.
  • Laundry gets clean with an ounce of the laundry soap included in the package... it used to take three or more ounces of our favorite detergent per load to get clothes clean.
  • There is practically no lint in the dryer lint trap now
  • The dishwasher gets dishes absolutely spotless with less than half the cleaner.
I didn't realize how quickly we would begin to take the Reverse Osmosis-purified water for granted. After we drank the purified drinking water for a few weeks, as well as cooking with it, we were at a rather nice restaurant and had to water with our meal. Yuck! I now refill my water bottles from the drinking water tap, and I always have a couple bottles on the night stand. I love the stuff! Coffee and tea brewed with purified water are absolutely delicious! Food cooked with it tastes better.
As an engineer with some stationary plant and electro-chemical experience. I have been aware for years that soft water is better for any type of plumbing, and is a must for any industrial aqueous chemical process. What I didn't know until I bought this system was how much it can improve one's quality of life. I heard your sales representative refer to that, and of course my thoughts were:
        "Yeah...OK. I'm ready to buy based on my understanding of the technical issues. Quality of life is a sales gimmick."
Wrong. Boy, oh boy, how wrong could I be? I must say that, overall, the installation of the whole-house water treatment system and Reverse Osmosis drinking water system has in fact, improved our quality of life to a degree far beyond what one might expect if one has not experienced the change first-hand.
In closing, I will say that I'm extremely happy with system due to results I see every day. In addition, being able to finance the entire installation was a great benefit. I have figured that my actual out-of-pocket expense for this system is about $29 a month. Cheap. Worth every penny, and more.
Nashville, TN

We were completely amazed...

American Home Design
Written by Ray   
Thursday, 17 July 2008
I cannot express enough to you and the company that you work for how much my family and I love the RainSoft Water Treatment System. The first time that we took a shower, we were completely amazed as to how we felt afterwards. Just the feeling of relaxation and being totally clean and free from the harshness of the impurities in our water before the system was unbelievable. We are truly impressed with everything that this system does. I was skeptical at first about someone coming to the house using big words to get me to purchase something else but now that the system is in place, my coffee tast better int he mornings, out food taste better, my mouth feels fresher after brushing my teeth, I am a believer in this system. As my wife and I prepare for the birth of our twins, we are now glad to have the RainSoft Water Treatment System in our house. We no longer have to purchase special water to use for the babies formula and the four-year supply of cleaning supplies that came with the system will save us a lot of money not buying those things at the local market. Again, I thank you for showing us the truth about what is in our water. When i decide to sell this house and move back home i will be taking my system with me. This is one investment my wide and I are glad we made.

The effects of the system are almost immediate...

American Home Design
Written by Tim and Alisa  
Wednesday, 16 July 2008
It has now been just over a week since our RainSoft system was installed. While normally it would be difficult to evaluate a product in this amount of time, that is not the case with our RainSoft unit. The effects of the system are almost immediate- from the glass doors on our showers that all of the sudden are clear instead of water spotted, to the noticeable change in the morning coffee and the softness of our skin. We are avid wine drinkers and host many tastings. What a pleasure it is to wash and rinse our fine crystal wine glasses and have them come clean with now water spots. Good-bye to polishing our crystal before each event.
After seeing the water that we were normally using and knowing now that the water is clean, and truly the way water was meant to be, gives us great peace of mind. We are so pleased with our RainSoft system that words do not adequately describe our feelings.
Lastly, we want to comment on the RainSoft products - they are incredible! We have used all sorts of cleaning products but these products really clean! The glass and surface cleaners is nothing short of a miracle cleaner. It cleans spotlessly and there is absolutely no streaking. No going back over and over the mirrors and windows to ensure a streak free finish. It is truly once and done!
Thanks Mark and thanks Rainsoft
Tim and Alisa
Franklin, TN

The hard water grime is no longer there

American Home Design
Written by Amiee  
Friday, 11 July 2008


Dear Steve,

                We enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you and learn more about the RainSoft water purification system. Since having it installed just two weeks ago, we have noticed so many changes. I am most impressed with change in our dry skin. We have tried so many different remedies for dry skin but nothing made a difference. I can already see such an improvement and I am hoping it gets even better with time. If this water system did nothing but makes our dry skin better that would make it worth it for us. However, there are so many other areas that we see a difference. We have noticed that our clothes feel softer and cleaner after washing them even though we only use a fraction of the soap we were you get out. We have a glass shower door and I can already tell how much easier it is to clean. The hard water grime is not there anymore. Another thing is that we drink water non-stop in our household, so having clean water not only tastes better, it makes me feel better knowing my kids are getting the best water I can give them. The installer was very professional and willing to work with us to makes sure the installation went smoothly and quickly. I only wish I would have had this system put in years ago. Thanks again, it was a pleasure working with you.


Aimee Darnell   



Thank you for opening my eyes

American Home Design
Written by Tobe  
Friday, 11 July 2008

Dear Mark,

                I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing your information about the RainSoft Water System. Having lived in Minnesota for 5 years and dealing with a water softener there, I knew at some point I was going to have to invest in a water treatment system here in Tennessee. I’m glad that I chose your company. I learned so much from your water test and the information provided since I was unfamiliar with why I has to deal with “hard” water in the first place. Thank you for opening my eyes!

                I now am utilizing my filtration system at my sink for drinking purposes. This is not just for me but for my dogs too!! I especially like the fact that their water stays clean and is safer for them as well. I’m looking forward to using my RainSoft original cleaning products. The soap is very soothing and I’ve noticed a difference with the dishwasher detergent.

                I’m glad that I decided to purchase the RainSoft system for my home. I’m sure over time I will see more benefits day by day that I would otherwise not have if I hadn’t considered RainSoft. I also appreciated everyone’s help involved with my installation.

Thanks again,



I dont even buy bottled water any more, we even like the taste better than bottled water

American Home Design
Written by Linda  
Friday, 11 July 2008

Thanks so much for introducing us to RainSoft water system. I could not believe the feeling of my skin after the first shower. It was like there was lotion already on my skin. Also our clothing, I’m using less soap, fabric softeners and they are cleaner, feels softer. We have a 16 year old girl and she can even tell a difference.

Our dishes do not have spots, and silverware has no soap scum. We use to go through a $20 worth of bottle water a week. Now I do not but bottle water anymore, we even like the taste better than bottle water.

Even my husband was interested in seeing how much better it was. He washed my car, it’s a dark blue, and there were no spots, and no smudged looking spots, clean and clean!

I just wanted to say thanks for the system you set us up with. I really and truly love it.

Thanks so much



I have never felt so truly clean

American Home Design
Written by Trevor & Shelly  
Thursday, 10 July 2008

Dear Mark Little,

                I wanted to take a minute to thank you for bringing the RainSoft Water Treatment System into our home. I can’t begin to explain the differences I already feel after just one week.

                I have never felt so truly clean after stepping out of the shower. My skin feels silky and clean with less soap and no lotion.

                I can see all the money we are going to save using our RainSoft products along with our RainSoft treated water. Just a little bit goes a long way. At first, I was skeptical about a 4-year-supply of all the soaps and cleaning products you would need for the whole family in so few boxes. After beginning to use them, I now see they will last at least 4 years!

                But, I think the biggest difference I notice is the taste of the water. I’ve never been a big water drinker. I had to force myself to get in my eight glasses a day. But with RainSoft treated water, it’s so easy! I look forward to a clean, sweet, crisp glass of water. And it comes right from my faucet. I don’t have to go out and buy it!

                I wish we would have done this years ago! Thank you again for bringing RainSoft into our home.

Thank you,

Trevor and Shelly


My skin is not as dry and my Rocesea is not as red as it was 2 weeks ago

American Home Design
Written by Kathey & Millie  
Thursday, 10 July 2008

Dear Fred,

                I have to admit that I was skeptical about “RainSoft” from the beginning. I listened to your presentation and found it hard to believe that a filter could make such a difference. I even told myself that anyone can color water if they know enough chemistry. What really impressed me was the “taste test.”

                Having recently purchased my home, I had noticed a metallic mineral taste in the water. Once I tasted the filtered water, I was sold from that point on. I could really taste a big difference. It was like drinking bottled water.

                When they initially came to install my system, it was impossible to install it in the garage and make it work with the existing water hook up so immediately asked if I couldn’t just get the water filter for under the sink for drinking water and was relieved when I was told I could.

                Thanks to some diligent planning by the installation team, I was able to get the whole system installed in a small closet with minimal pipe work. They really went the extra mile at no extra charge so I could have the entire system. I really appreciate their efforts.

                In just two weeks, I found out you were right about a lot of things. I do have less lint in the dryer filter. My skin is not as dry and my Rocesea is not as red it was two weeks ago. Even the cat drinks more water now.

                I also really like the personal care products and cleaning products. I didn’t believe that little amount of laundry soap would do a whole load until I put it in and saw the amount f suds it made.

                My roommate was really impressed with the glass and appliance cleaner. She said it cleans better than anything she’s ever used. It even cleaned the paint off the mirror that we had accidentally gotten on during our recent painting. We also found out the cleaning products work great in unfiltered water as we used them to clean the apartment we just moved into our house.

                We feel we are getting our money’s worth and would recommend “RainSoft” to anyone who is health conscious and concerned with protecting the environment.

                We’re glad we gave ourselves the gift of “RainSoft.” It is already improving the quality of our lives daily.

                I have to say you made a believer out of me…well you had a lot of help from the RainSoft system. Thanks for introducing us to “RainSoft.”  


I am not getting razor burn like before

American Home Design
Written by Marinda & Jason  
Thursday, 10 July 2008

August 18, 2005

Dear RainSoft,

                I just want to thank you very much for installing our system. I could not believe how NASTY our water was. I thought that our Brita filter pitcher was cleaning the water and it wasn’t, the only thing it did was to reduce the chlorine but it did not get rid of all of that rock!! Now that is has been only eight days since the system was installed and I could tell a huge difference that same evening it was installed. Now my clothes are so much cleaner and softer. When I shave I am not getting razor burn life before. My Husband and our two girls have very sensitive skin, and now they are not breaking our like before. And we are going to be saving so much with all the products that we received to. I know there are systems that you can buy at the store claiming to soften the water and it might be $400.00 and up but I know it will not work as well as our system does. We thought the cost was a little high but it is going to be worth every penny!! And when we move to another house later I can guarantee that it will be going with us! Thank you again, you have helped us out so much!

Going to be a lifetime owner,

Marinda and Jason

Greenbrier, TN                


There is less cleaning of the bath tub, shower & sink as there is no film left on the surfaces

American Home Design
Written by Faye  
Thursday, 10 July 2008

February 21, 2005

Dear Larry,

                As a new customer of RainSoft Water Softener System, I am very pleased and satisfied with my new system. Having experience owning other water softener systems in previous homes, I would recommend that anyone concerned with improving the quality of life, have a RainSoft system, and drinking and cooking with safe water such as the RainSoft system provides.

                We now enjoy drinking water here at home and will be saving money by not having to purchase bottled drinking water. I feel confident it is safe to cook with our hot water right from the faucet, and not have to boil the cold water before cooking in it.

                I am seeing the many advantages of our new water system, some of which are, our skin and hair fooling clean, less dry, and our clothes smell fresh and cleaning after washing with the laundry products that are used with our new water system. There is less cleaning of the bath tub, showers & sinks as there is no film left on the surfaces to have to scrub.

I am totally pleased with RainSoft water treatment system and wish I had purchased one sooner.

Thank you so much

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