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A Quick Note of Thanks

American Home Design
Written by Mark G (Franklin, TN)  
Tuesday, 09 December 2014
Just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for everything you and Environmental Water Systems has done for us in our new home. We are thoroughly enjoying the water purification system and the many benefits it brings to our family. Not only can we feel and taste the difference in the water but we have noticed a decrease in the amount of soap and detergent being used as well. It's also made cleaning much easier as we no longer struggle to get water spots off the shower doors and the cars and boat doesn't need to be wiped off after washing. The added benefit of great tasting coffee in the morning from the reverse osmosis system is appreciated as well. We have just ordered our first supply of the organic cleaners, soaps, detergents and are looking forward to using them. The samples you left behind are fantastic and it is comforting to know they do not contain harsh chemicals that can be caustic to both materials and your skin. The Healthy Living package is an incredible value added to the RainSoft system. Lastly, I want to make sure you know what an incredible job the installers did putting in the system. They showed up on time and worked very hard to make sure everything fit and worked as expected. They were very professional and asked questions as well as provided some options for the location of the equipment so it didn't interfere with anything. They even solved my water hammer issue with the washing machine by installing a water pressure reducer which made everything quiet again! Thanks again for the visit to our house and the time you spent educating everyone on our water and how it can affect us. The kids had a great time with you involving them in the testing process and said it was like being in a science lab at school. They had no idea it could be that much fun to test water! Thanks again for helping to improve not only the quality of our water but also the quality of our lives!

Astonished by the Positive Changes

American Home Design
Written by Jon and Kathrine K (Lebanon, TN)  
Thursday, 04 December 2014
My husband and I are astonished by the positive changes we've seen since having the RainSoft water treatment system installed several weeks ago. When you first came for the water survey we were slightly skeptical but quickly became shocked at the horrible condition of our water. We knew our water wasn't the best but had no idea the amount of chlorine and mineral deposits it contained! We used the fridge filtration for drinking water but that was hardly any better! I feel much safer and healthier knowing that all our water is now clean. It means cooking is better and our pets now get good clean water for drinking as well. I have to say that a RainSoft shower is superb! There was such a big difference and my friends were jealous when I told them how great it felt and how much better my skin was without having to moisturize daily! My husband also comments that his hair is much softer now that he uses the products we received with the system. not only have we improved the quality of our life with clean water but we are saving money as well! I was shocked when I went to the grocery store this week and saved at least $50 not buying any cleaning products! I know we are going to save even more in the long run by lengthening the life of our washer, dishwasher and water heater. The RainSoft system was a great investment both financially and for the overall well-being of our family. We are extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend it to friends and family. Thank you for the amazing service and for helping us make such a beneficial change to the way we live!

This System is AWESOME!!!

American Home Design
Written by Elizabeth S (Bowling Green, KY)  
Thursday, 04 December 2014
This System is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much. Before you came to my home to test my water, I thought I was doing just fine with my little whole house filter. Feeling the test results was enough to tell me something was really wrong. I had always complained about how hard my water was and the cleaning was such a bad chore. Since the system was installed, my children had even mentioned to me how much softer their hair is. We all have very coarse, curly hair which breaks very easily. Well... one week later I noticed for myself that my hair isn't breaking as much. I use less shampoo too! No lotion needed here for dry skin...nope. My new EC4 whole house water conditioner takes care of all that nonsense. It's also nice knowing that I don't have to change a filter every 3 months! I need a miniature version for my boat. One more important thing I notice- water pressure is where it should have been 16 years ago. I didn't know this, but with that little filter I once had, I didn't have the water pressure I had been missing for so long. It's probably a big relief for the pressure valve under my house too. Until I can have a unit on my boat... I'll just have to haul it. Thank God I don't have to buy all those cases of water any more. I just refill some milk cartons from my home and take them to my boat. I trust my water now. Anyways... you all are awesome. When I called with a couple of questions they were answered right away. Full explanation was given throughout the whole process. THANK YOU!!!

To All of Those Still Buying Bottled Water:

American Home Design
Written by Robert B (Franklin, TN)  
Tuesday, 02 December 2014
This letter is written for the purpose of expressing my sincere appreciation for the quality and peace-of-mind I now have with a RainSoft whole house water treatment system installed in my home. Coming from the sales and service profession, I was particularly impressed with the professionalism exhibited by the representative, Michael. The total experience of viewing demonstrations along with thorough explanations of the attributes of this amazing system was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational event. By employing a sincere consultative approach, I was afforded the respect and consideration to make my own buying decision versus "being sold," as is often the case when in-home opportunities are presented. In the two months I've had the system in place, I no longer experience the first whiff of chlorine that has been characteristic of daily usage without the system. Washing, showering and drinking the water, free of impurities and unnecessary chemicals, has been absolutely wonderful. This experience is as close to having Lake Tahoe (my childhood home) right here in Tennessee to enjoy and share with others. I cannot close without mentioning how timely and efficient the installation and follow-through were. This is not only a testament to RainSoft, but to Environmental Water Systems, Inc. of Madison, TN. I can see why RainSoft has evolved in 60 years to become an International leader in providing water treatment systems to the masses. If you're still buying bottled water as I was for far too long, call your local RainSoft dealer and do you and your family a real favor- own you own system! Thank you and Michael and RainSoft!

Metro Water Made My MS Worse

American Home Design
Written by Bob and Cathy S (Nashville, TN)  
Tuesday, 02 December 2014
After 30 years of living in the country with a fresh spring well, we decided to move into the city. It was a shock to our body systems to be exposed to the "treated" water that Metro supplies. Is smelled bad and you could actually smell the chlorine when you used the tap water. I have MS. With this autoimmune disorder there are many problems with how my body functions. The Metro water made me feel worse, causing my MS to flare up. I believe that it is responsible for my having additional flare-ups of my disease. I had been doing pretty well up until we moved into our new home in late July. But, I seemed to almost immediately start to feel bad and see my health deteriorate. It is important for me to have many natural foods and water that is as pure as I can get. We developed a lot of problems with our bodily functions (I won't go into detail, but you get the jest of it.) When we took showers you actually felt like you were "too dry," almost sticky. Yuck! After installation of the RainSoft system, we started feeling better and the issues we were experiencing disappeared. After a shower we felt like our skin was silky. Wow, what a difference! I didn't have to use a boat-load of detergent to do our dishes or our laundry anymore. The shampoo actually made my hair feel softer and I didn't have to use Frizz-Ease anymore due to my naturally curly hair. What a benefit! I can't tell you how much we DON'T regret spending the money for this system. Getting a year's worth of products was an added perk. We needed to make a decision whether it was more important for me or my husband to make sure we were not putting any more contaminants into our system or just pocket the money for something else. We aren't sorry we spent the money and neither will you should you choose to do so!

Personal Thanks

American Home Design
Written by Dave J (Clarksville, TN)  
Tuesday, 02 December 2014
I would like to personally thank you for coming into my home and showing my family the RainSoft water system. It has truly been an amazing blessing to say the least. I could not believe how much chlorine was in my water not to mention all the other chemicals that we could not see. No wonder my water tasted so bad! Those are now the days of the past. When the installer came to my home, the experience was awesome. He showed me how the system worked and even shared his own RainSoft story. When the installer was finished he made sure that I didn't have any questions and left my home just as it was before he came to install my system. It's great to know that Environmental Water Systems provides excellent installers to make sure the job gets done right. From the moment the installer left, the benefits of the RainSoft system have been completely amazing. I am now able to drink the water out of my faucet without feeling like I am going to be sick. My clothes are softer than ever before with using less detergent, especially the Natural Visions laundry detergent which you left in my home to try. I have enjoyed sorter skin than ever before while leaving my skin feeling clean. I have noticed that I have to use less shampoo and body wash which is going save my family money over time. I know that I am going to enjoy this system for years to come and would like to thank you again for helping improve the health of my family by bringing a wonderful product into my home. Sincerely, Dave Jennings


American Water Conditioning Co.
Written by JACKIE M (MOBEETIE, TX)  
Wednesday, 14 May 2014

We Love our RainSoft

RainSoft of Valparaiso
Written by Ronald G (Fort Wayne , IN)  
Friday, 19 April 2013
We love our RainSoft. It is very efficient. We don't have to use as much cleaning products. George did a wonderful installation job. Thank You

Been very pleased

RainSoft of Valparaiso
Written by Brian B (Winona Lake, IN)  
Monday, 08 April 2013
Been very pleased with the water treatment system, my wife loves it.

System works great!!!

RainSoft of Valparaiso
Written by Nick G (Valparaiso, IN)  
Monday, 25 March 2013
System works great, the sales team, technicians and office workers are all very pleasant and professional to do business with.
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